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Wolf Pack Filming last night? - Malicious Mandy's Mind
Enter my mind... if you dare
Wolf Pack Filming last night?
So last night MeMy and I went to the Coquitlam rumoured set and as reported, learned it was a different movie.

Side Note:
Plenty of people had heard on The Beat 94.5 that this was a potential New Moon Set.... I have concluded that 99% of the New Moon rumours on the beat are flase and I guess, for that, I am thankful... no need to have 5000 people show up eh?

They have said Rob is confirmed to be at Tuesday's 100 Monkeys Show at BackStageLounge (he was in fact not!) They have given various set locations which were false (such as last nights Coquitlam Location and also Bridgeman Park in North Vancouver) and while these were mostly Holly Conway (Who I think is awesome) just giving tips that callers had given her... I am most upset about "THE BIZ" with Nira Arora (Who I *ADORE*) when she reported that New Moon filming was being halted due to Stephenie Myer "stealing" the idea from an old college roomie.


So many news people reported this but I am so sad that my fave radio station would spew it out without ANY kind of research :(

Moving on.....

Last Night we cruised many of the sets we'd previously went by and seen nothing and while passing one had some clues that perhaps they were filming.

While there had been signs for a different movie (that had apparently been filming there last week) we figured it wouldn't hurt to scope it out - just in case.... (most of our successes have been by checking out the impossible - just in case)

So we parked and walked up to the security dude and asked if we were allowed in.... he said "not with your car, but you can walk" (Well DUH we were already walking - sheesh!)

This was a private security guy - not the security team typically used, we really thought we were on another false hope.... but continued anyways.

As we got closer, there were still no signs of life... really... dark, empty, nothing...

still... we carried on - just in case.

As we got further in we came across bright blinding lights in the distance.... it was pretty far but we KNEW it meant filming - - - but of what?!?!

So we kept trekking - pitch black - but we had each other ha ha ha

Then we came across tents... these were tents similar to other sets, but again, other movies could use the same tents.... still not proof....

So finally we get to trailors - similar to other sets... and crew... no one seems familiar...

We ask one gentleman if we can head "up" (up the street where the blinding film lights are obviously coming from - - hey - might as well ask - - JUST IN CASE!!! ;) ha ha)

So he says *excited* "I wouldn't, they are bringing a WOLF down"

*inner squeeeeee* I appear calm but holy moly I was ANYTHING but calm.... a wolf?!?!?

MeMy and I exchanged glances - we'd hit the jackpot!!!

We waited and watched as two trainers brought down the most beautiful, large, wolf.

I am no animal expert so I don't know what type of wolf it was but it was big, it was grey, with bits of white in it... it was stunning to see.

**edit - mahika on twitter guessed it was a Timberwolf - I think she is right - - -

We waited a bit - unsure how to proceed, but decided not to push our luck trying to go up to the actual set... instead we chatted with a crew member and figured out (as if the wold wasn't enough) that it was New Moon filming.

We did *NOT* find out who was up there - My assumption is that it would be the scene where Bella and Laurent meet and the Wolf Pack comes - or it could be background shots or other Wolf Shots.

Because we just saw the Grey Wolf I thought - which wolves were grey? ALthough they could change the colour in editing - - - in which case it could be when Sam rescues Bella - - which would make sense based on TwiCrack's recent entry

I found someone's post about the wolves different colours -

Embry's fur is gray and he has dark spots on his back.
Here is the quote that says what color fur he has:
Embry was clearly the thinner gray wolf with the dark spots on his back

Quil: is a deep chocolate brown that is lighter over his face.
Here is the quote that says what color fur he has:
Quil who was a deep chocolate brown, lighter over his face, twitched constantly

Leah: is light gray
Here is the quote that says what color fur she has:
Leah's gray body slid out of the trees behind him.

Seth: is sandy color (brown color of sand)
The taller, sandy-colored Seth was right behind her.
Here is the quote that says what color fur he has:

Sam: is black
Here is the quote that says what color fur he has:
Sam the bigger wolf, the black one joined Seth then

Jacob: is russet, or a red-brown color.
Here is the quote that says what color fur he has:
In his [Jacob's] place was an enormous, red-brown wolf with dark, intelligent eyes.
This was the great russet wolf I'd stood half a foot from in the meadow, just a week ago.

Paul: is silver, or grayish.
Here is the quote that says what color fur he has:
Paul seemed to fall forward, vibrating violently. Dark silver fur blew out from the boy, coalescing into a shape more than five-times his size.

Do with that what you must.... analyze away ;)

We also know that they plan to use Computer Graphics to make "wolves the size of horses with the actors eyes"


Thoughts on what we saw?

Anyways - - we enjoyed seeing the wolf, hung out a bit before a security we know from before told us the park closed at 10pm and we couldn't be there... he walked with us back towards our car since it was dark and was pretty nice about it - although I am sure he didn't have to be....

Not sure if they are there today or not....

Start at Bella's soon I assume....

eek - off to work - another half day ;)

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From: bellaeden Date: April 23rd, 2009 08:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
ya know, i was thinking and maybe they are using the wolf for a flash back scene? ya know how they did in twilight. but those stories were told in eclipse, so i am not sure if thats what it is or not.
tee717 From: tee717 Date: April 23rd, 2009 08:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sweet score!! Love reading your posts! =)
jelemiranda_1 From: jelemiranda_1 Date: April 24th, 2009 07:23 am (UTC) (Link)
From: katie_ma_tatie Date: April 24th, 2009 08:40 am (UTC) (Link)

its AWESOME that you and your friend were able to get somewhat close to the NEW MOON film set. I was wondering if you could tell me whereabouts it was taken place. i'd love to go check it out and catch a glimpse of the actors at work. if you could get back to me soon, i'd REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! =)
From: michelleann_329 Date: April 24th, 2009 10:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Splendid! even if you don't get the chance to see the actors but still you see the wolves. lucky one
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