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Vampire Hunt Report #2 - Malicious Mandy's Mind
Enter my mind... if you dare
Vampire Hunt Report #2
So MM and I drove to the NEW SET location for New Moon.

There were crew, trailors, police and fans all crowding the main entry to the site.

We had put on our hiking gear and were let right through, despite everyone amongst us being turned around or stopped.

It pays to be nearing 30.

We get up to the set, we can see all the trailors, crew, the exact area they are filming, lined with lighting and whatnot. We can see people but not well enough to make out identities.

We get stopped and have to pull over RIGHT BESIDE THE FILMING and wait for police to come....

We act all innocent and naive...

Cop comes and asks us what we are doing, how old we are, MM says 29 and cop asks for ID.

She gives him driver licence and he says "ok"

So we head down the road some more and even once the trailors end, security and crew members are stationed every block or so.

I assume to keep bush wacker/stalkers from finding their way into the area.

The security is tight.... we chit chat with some of them.

Still playing dumb/oblivious to what is being filmed... complaining how inconvenient it is on OUR lives to be stopped ha ha ha

Afer a while we head back. Slowly.

We are stopped a few times to let crew trucks pull out or shuttle vans pass us.

We hear on walkie talkie that "the two shuttles are heading east" he replies with our vehicle description heading west and it was all ok.

So we keep going and see two very nice SUVs coming towards us. It's a very thin dirt road so we pull over and let them pass.....

vehicle one has K STEW!!!!!!!!!!

Windows down, looks right at us....

vehicle two has ROB PATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!


No we didn't talk to them

No we didn't get photos

We had the video running on the dashboard under a hat but it caught very little due to the bumpy dirt road knocking it over repeatedly.

As we left the area we saw tons of fans gathered at the front.... we gave them the thumbs up and drove away....

we asked a few other fans further up if they saw them when they drove by, they said the windows had been up but they suspected based on shadows that it was "Bella" and "Edward"

it was!

We confirm their suspicions and they scream

we drive away

Tonight - 100 Monkeys Show. I already got an email from the band and am looking forward to meeting them before the show :)


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activistgirl From: activistgirl Date: April 15th, 2009 02:08 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi there! I found you by way of TwiCrack-hope you don't mind me "friending" you. I really enjoyed reading your hilarious NM set posts! Hope you're having fun at the show tonight!!!
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